Cosmetic Bonding In Crown Point

Dental health

Dental care is a very important factor in the overall health of a person. The oral health is dependent on the healthy mouth and teeth. An unhealthy mouth can lead to a number of medical problems. If the teeth are not cleaned regularly, it leads to the formation of plaque and plaque leads to tooth decay and gum diseases. If the plaque is not removed for a long time, it hardens and turns into tartar. The existence of tartar leads to irritation and gum inflammation. The gums become infected, swollen and tender. By taking good care of the teeth gums one can prevent a number of health issues.


A healthy mouth and aligned teeth can create a beautiful smile that adds to the beauty of a person. But sometimes people just get used to the gaps in teeth that they think are minor and cannot bring a noticeable change. So, they just adjust with the situation and do not want to invest their time and money in fixing that minor error. But that’s not it. There is another solution. Let’s see what it is.

Cosmetic bonding

This technique is specifically designed to fill the gaps between the teeth. Cosmetic bonding is also known as tooth or dental bonding. It not only fills the gaps between the teeth but also repairs chipped, fractured and discoloured teeth. It can also create a longer look for short teeth. Cosmetic bonding is also an alternative treatment to amalgam fillings.

The application of cosmetic bonding is primarily useful for filling the visible gaps between the teeth. It can remove gaps between any pair but mostly used for removing the gap between the front teeth. This condition is called diastema. This process is quick and easy.

Cosmetic bonding process

Bonding is done usually in a single appointment but for more cool results one might have to visit again.  In the process of cosmetic bonding, the resin used for tooth-coloured filling is used. The process is as follows:

  • The dentist first numbs the area and removes any damaged part of the teeth.
  • The mixture of the composite resin is applied to the teeth and it is allowed to settle into the cervices and pits of the area under application.
  • To harden the resin, curing light is directly applied to the teeth.
  • After the resin is all dried up, the dentist polishes the teeth giving it a final glowing look.

Alternative to braces

With the increasing technology, we want everything quick and fast. Braces can fix the gaps between the teeth, but they take a long time and is expensive as well. In comparison, cosmetic bonding is not only quick but cost-effective as well. Braces and retaining aligners cost thousands of dollars and take up to years to fix the problem. Why go for such a long-term plan when we can get similar results in less cost and no time?  The treatment is equally reversible so if you change your mind at any time after the treatment is done, it can be undone as well.

After treatment

Once the treatment is done, certain precautions should be taken.

  • Coffee, tea and tobacco products should be avoided in the first forty-eight hours of the treatment. Such items can cause staining of the newly coated resin.
  • Brushing the teeth should be a regular practice after the treatment
  • Visiting the dentist every now and then should also be considered.

It is amazing feeling to have perfect teeth without waiting for so long and without spending blocks of money. Cosmetic bonding is the wonder everyone would want.