How to Care For Teeth While Doing Invisalign

Invisalign is a great alternative to straightening teeth because it’s so easy. Unlike braces, where you need special brushes and meticulous care in hopes that you don’t break a bracket off, you can remove these aligners, clean them, and then throw them back in.  they’re so easy.

Unlike the bulky metal and wires, Invisalign is simple, but that doesn’t mean you don’t care for your teeth. With Invisalign, dental care is still very important, since you don’t want tooth decay, but here, we’ll tell you how to take care of your teeth during Invisalign treatment.

First, you remove those trays.  Remember, they are removable, but they also don’t feel strange in your mouth, unlike other aligners that might be around, or other items you put in there. This allows you to have freedom and a normal life while straightening your teeth. You don’t have to change your habits when cleaning your teeth, it’s just removing them, and then getting to your teeth how you normally would. When done, pop them back in.

next, brush your teeth. Do this twice a day when you’re doing Invisalign treatments.  Use a toothbrush that’s soft, with fluoride on ther, and brush on every surface of the teeth.  You should ideally make sure to try and brush after every meal, but it’s not always possible. However, you should remove the starches and sugars when you can’t brush by swishing water in your mouth, and do that before you put the aligner back in since it will eliminate food particles clinging to the teeth.

Then, remember to floss.  Flossing is super important when you’re doing Invisalign, but you will e able to floss like normal without having to navigate different metal and wires like with braces. You take out the trays, and then floss between the teeth, and make sure that you do that twice a day to eliminate food particles from there.

Finally, clean up those trays.  This is one that many dentists will tell you, but it’s often overlooked, but it gets gross over time, especially if you don’t clean your Invisalign trays.  What you do, is put them in a bowl of water along with some Invisalign cleaning crystals, and from there, you just let them sit to be cleaned for about 15 minutes.  That way, they’re kept safe and secure, and you don’t have to worry about bacteria lingering around.

With Invisalign, cleaning your teeth has never been easier, and you can do this all by yourself. No more complicated brackets and wires, but instead, nothing but simple solutions to cleaning your teeth. If you’re getting Invisalign, make sure that you do take the time to clean up your teeth, because it will keep your teeth from falling into decay during the treatment, which is something that does commonly happen, and instead, you’ve got pretty teeth that you will appreciate, and healthy teeth that will continue to do the job for many years as well.