Oral Health and Protection

Smile is the most beautiful curve someone can have. Oral health is essential to maintain the smile and its beauty. A healthy smile indicates a healthy body. Missing tooth affect the smile. But we can do a lot about it. Oral hygiene is one of the most important factors in the overall health.

Keeping the oral cavity clean and clear means preventing several germs from entering the body. It is not just the visits to the dentist that keep the gums and the teeth in perfect condition, but the care begins at home. Plaque and tartar can destroy the gums and teeth. Plaque is a sticky and colorless film of bacteria that grows on the teeth, between the teeth and along the gum line. Removing the plaque is first step to a healthy lifestyle.

Oral health of children

Kids have even more sensitive teeth. Along with this, kids have a lot of sweet and sticky things in the diet. Because of this their teeth are in danger. they need more protection and care than the elders. Specially youngsters with milk teeth are more prone to such danger and affected teeth.

Extra protection

Children need extra protection otherwise they may face tooth loss in the very early stages. By senior year, some might need the tooth replacement solution. But kids younger than this cannot opt for this solution. They have a lot longer to spend with the replaced teeth, but in case of any lethal damage, the teeth may suffer inevitable damage and have to replaced. To avoid such situation, dental care suggests wearing a mouth guard when necessary.

Advantages of mouth guard

DEntist suggests that the mouth guard is very effective for the protection of the oral cavity of the youngsters. Children lose teeth during sports injuries. In such cases, wearing a mouth guard can help prevent such a situation.

Mouth guards prevent teeth from being chipped and cracked

As an effect of collision with hard objects, teeth are prone to chipping or cracks. Children with very sensitive teeth can face a similar situation as a result of very hard biting. Objects like soccer balls, basket balls and Frisbees can also damage the teeth when they hit with full force.

Less chances of falling out of teeth

Athletes face this problem very often. Players of hockey and football are suggested to wear mouth guards to prevent falling out of teeth. People regularly involved in sports can lead to massive tooth loss. tooth loss can also occur even if the players collide with each other.

Mouth guards protect the cheeks and gums

As a result of collision, not only the teeth are affected but the gums and cheeks also get damaged. The health of the gums is of prime importance for the overall health of the mouth. Sometimes collisions lead to the teeth embedded into the cheeks that can cause severe injuries. If the child has braces, the condition can worsen. Braces also tend to hurt the cheeks and the inner side of the upper and the lower lips. These areas get cut in case of hard collision with the braces

Working of a mouth guard

Due to the prevailing awareness, many people know about mouth guard and its benefits. With its increasing need it has become easy to get access to a dentist who create custom mouth guards. The dentists take impression of the dental skeleton of the child and create a mouthguard against it. It is made on exact specification so that it remains in its place even if the child is playing or running.